21st Century manufactures a variety of products for our customers. Below is a small selection of our most popular products. Click on any photo for an enlarged version.

Duralite Pallets

Designed and engineered by experienced shipping professionals, DuraLite pallets offer several benefits that improve upon traditional pallet features. These pallets are designed to deliver more turns and less waste. Made of HDPE materials, these hard -working pallets are stronger and lighter than you might expect.
  • Streamlined Storage: These pallets nest together to insure that they won't take up valuable space when not in use.
  • Load Securing: When inverted, DuraLite pallets can serve as a lid over loads to offer more stability.
  • Adjustable Lengths: When your shipping needs change, so can these pallets.
  • Interlockable Stacking: Even heavy loads wont shift when the pallets are stacked.
  • Load Support: The vertical stabilizing edge eliminates load slippage and the need for plastic wrap.
  • Four-sided destacking notches: Lift truck destacking just got easier.
  • Molded-in company identification: Permanently mark each pallet with your company name.
  • Variety of colors: Make your inventory management easier with color-coded pallets.
  • Easily cleaned: Solid plastic, easy to wash pallets make a great option for food products.
  • Insect-resistant: These pallets don't attract insects, so they're ideal for international shipments.
  • Three adjustable standard sizes: 45"x48", 45"x52", 45"x56".
  • Lightweight: Just 20lbs each, DuraLite pallets weigh about 50-75% less than wood pallets.
  • AIAG tested: The pallets tested at a static load in excess of 25,000lbs. and dynamically tested at 2,500 lbs.
  • Bio-safe and environmentally friendly: Pallets contain post-industrial recycled plastics.