21st Century manufactures a variety of products for our customers. Below is a small selection of our most popular products. Click on any photo for an enlarged version.

12S Seat

The 12S seat is one of our most frequently molded seats. This seat is offered in 3 different widths, 3 different resting angles, 9 standard colors and many different specialty colors. It is used mainly in auditorium and stadium seating.

Infinity Seat

This popular Infinity seat is used in gymnasium seating. Three different sizes are available in 15 standard colors and many specialty colors.

Integra & Solara Seats

Integra and Solara seats are both used in telescope seating systems. 21st Century Plastics molds these seats and backs in a variety of colors and assembles them in house.

Hannah Chair

The Hannah chair is a fun stackable office chair molded in nine exciting bright colors.